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TSKing and DSKing

The whole Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair looks like it’s coming to a painful close (with even the close itself looking painful in some such terms as, when will it close?).

As we look askance, I am trying to ask myself…what have we learned? Not much. Except perhaps that Americans still believe the French to be rutting perverts (and rutting-pervert enablers) and the French still believe ugly Americans are ugly and…well, American. Not necessarily an oxymoron.

File the 20 minutes of DSK-maid time in Room 2806 of the Sofitel New York next to the 18 and a half missing minutes from Nixon’s “Watergate Tapes,” Jimmy Hoffa’s burial ground and Lord Byron’s lost canto.

Slow curtain, the end.

‘Bogged Down In A Pseudo-Religious, Ideological War Over Whatever’

Not my words, just something an observant Canadian living inside the U.S. had to say today about our country’s death match over the debt ceiling — before remarking that it might be wise to, uh, “back-migrate.”

Instead of an espresso shot this morning, take a gander at our impressive U.S. Debt Clock. If that doesn’t jolt you awake, nothing will.

Remember, no one on this planet even has $1 trillion. Yet, somehow the U.S. has found itself on the hook for more than $54 trillion. Continue reading ‘Bogged Down In A Pseudo-Religious, Ideological War Over Whatever’