Anarchy In The UK?

Haut de la Garenne, Jersey, 2011

The following story was commissioned by The Guardian after I was detained, questioned and banned from the United Kingdom in the wake of research for my next book in the Channel Islands, a $1 trillion tax haven off the coast of England. Many of you have asked what I have been working on — this is what I have been working on. My misadventures, along with those of several others whose names I am honored to see mine beside, are cited in The Guardian’s print edition today. I am fine, although I may now be the only member of the London Speaker Bureau not allowed to speak in London. I will truly miss the UK’s savory fish pies.

When I was 29 and first embarking on my writing career in London, I discovered a beautiful island off the coast of England that I would return to many times in the years to come. Jersey not only has heavenly beaches and culinary delights, but the people of the island are some of the loveliest I have known. After a busy week in the City, a puddle-jump flight could see me there in less than an hour, soaking up the sun on the white sands under wildflower-draped cliffs. The island’s locals would sometimes hint that Jersey’s pristine exterior belied a dark side. But I couldn’t imagine it. How could a place with such warm people have a dark heart?

When I returned to the U.S. in late 2008 with my first book contract, it came as a shock when I witnessed, from a distance, Jersey’s horrific child abuse scandal. Day after day for weeks, I watched the deputy chief of police, Lenny Harper, give interviews to a crush of international press outside the shuttered orphanage of Haut de la Garenne. Harper seemed increasingly alarmed over the human remains his team was finding inside, although what to make of them was hotly debated by the media.

The islanders, who are quiet people, were quietly devastated. The notion that, for decades, their children’ homes might have been used as a sexual cafeteria for the rich and privileged – as hundreds of the victims contended – was distasteful in the extreme. During the probe government officials repeatedly stated that they fully intended to run a thorough investigation. Yet, within months, Harper and his boss, the island’s head constable, Graham Power, had been smeared by the local newspaper, The Jersey Evening Post, as unfit for their jobs and driven from the island. Their main advocate, Senator Stuart Syvret – then-health minister and one of the island’s most popular politicians – also found himself under siege, eventually sacked and jailed twice. The cases made against each man were as flimsy as the headlines were flashy.

It seemed that anyone who attempted to stand up for Jersey’s underprivileged or conduct a proper investigation into their treatment soon found themselves in the fight of their lives.

Evidence found at Haut de la Garenne – including bones that were “fresh and fleshed” before being burned and dozens of children’s teeth with the roots still on them in the furnace area – was turned over to a new police chief who downplayed its significance but also admitted to throwing some of it out. As an investigative journalist, I found it hard to understand how this could possibly inspire confidence. It seemed the situation needed to be looked at by someone without an axe to grind or an ass to save.

After I passed in my first book, which also focused on cultures of corruption (The Asylum: The Renegades Who Hijacked The World’s Oil Market, HarperCollins 2011) I began to travel to the UK on a regular basis to conduct interviews with the victims, senators and law-enforcement officials.

This is where my own troubles began…A couple years into my research, my trips to the UK were becoming frequent enough to justify my renting a flat for overnight stays and an office for my paperwork. Jersey has strict rules about outsiders renting property, so I arranged to meet with Jersey’s Customs and Immigration officials in July 2011 to make sure my accommodations passed muster. I was told they did. The first officer I met with, Jim Griffiths, told me not to worry and that as long as I did not intend to live in Jersey or take a job there – and my trips did not exceed the six-month time limit for visitors – I could proceed with my work. When he asked what I was researching, I was completely honest. He quickly excused himself and then returned with his superior. The two men proceeded to shout at me. I was told that I needed to get a long-term entry visa to conduct my work on the island. I asked if they had changed their minds due to the nature of my research. The two men would not answer the question and immediately escorted me out.

A week later, I went home to the States to do other work and did not return to the UK until early September. I was on my way to speak at a bank conference in Salzburg, but had meetings in London and Jersey with other journalists. This time, the border check at Heathrow Airport asked me if I would go to a waiting area to answer additional questions about my stay. This had never happened to me before, but I was not very concerned and agreed. No one asked me any questions, though. Instead, a second border official took me to an empty room beneath the airport and simply locked the door behind me. I did not at any time consent to being imprisoned. My luggage, wallet, phone, bank cards and my identification were taken from me. If I’d been turned out on the street at that moment, I would have been utterly helpless to feed myself or prove who I was. There is no way to explain what this feels like until it happens to you, but until then I never realized the razor-thin line between feeling secure and feeling endangered.

I asked the guards what was happening and I was handed a piece of paper that said, “You have been detained under paragraph 16 of Schedule 2 to the 1971 Act or arrested under paragraph 17 of Schedule 2 of that Act.” What did this mean? Was I being arrested? No one would say. I was fingerprinted and photographed. I asked the personnel watching me if I could call my solicitor or my consulate. “That’s what people always say,” one of the staffers said. I asked: What are my rights? A second staffer answered: “This is the border. You have no rights.”

It got worse from there. For several hours, I waited for any concrete information about how long I would be trapped in a basement. The border guards repeatedly told me they needed time to go through my luggage and papers before deciding what questions to ask me. This struck me as an attempt to reverse-engineer a case against me. I demanded to return to the States unless there were grounds to keep me there. I was told by the border officials they could make things much more painful if I did not cooperate.

At this point, I wanted to call my family to let then know where I was, but this, too, was denied. None of the officers would provide their full names and the paperwork they signed and occasionally handed me was indecipherable. Closed-circuit TV cameras were everywhere, but none of them took audio recording (which made sense, seeing what the officers were saying to me).

The fascist world depicted by Terry Gilliam in the film Brazil is alive and well under the Heathrow airport.

In all, I was there from 0645 GMT to 1900 GMT, 12 hours without food or sleep on the back of a redeye flight. Ultimately, I was denied entry to the UK and sent back to the U.S., the black stamp of death I’d always heard about, but never seen, punched in my passport. The two officers who interrogated me later that day asked very personal questions — some of them about where I lived, my exact addresses in New York and the Channel Islands, and some of them about the people who were closest to me. I was deeply reluctant to discuss my personal relationships or my addresses, as I got the feeling security and safety were not high on the UK Border Force’s priority list. Once the questions had ended, there was another hours-long wait, after which I was informed that I was being ousted. By the time I received the verdict, I did not care anymore; I just wanted to sleep, shower and eat — things, by the way, you cannot do under Heathrow Airport. Flying home, I lay across the plane seats and cried.

As I later found, the UK was not accusing me of doing anything wrong. My big mistake, apparently, had been to meet with the Jersey officials. According to a subject access request filed with the UK Border Agency after I’d returned home, Jersey’s officials flagged me well before I arrived at the border. I filed a second subject access request with Jersey itself, but received a form letter stating that information had been withheld for “the purposes of the prevention, detection or investigation of a crime; or the apprehension or prosecution of persons who have committed an offence.” I can only assume this refers to me – a journalist who, until last summer, held a clean record in the UK and a Tier-1 visa. (I have since learned from the Jersey officials that I am not being investigated for a crime or offense, but it is all still a bit perplexing.)

At the border, UK officials encouraged me to file for another long-term visa but when I did, I was slapped with a two-year ban from entering the country in January. My legal team in London said they had never seen the UKBA act with such swift malice. Three times, from January to April, I requested administrative reviews – an appeals process to which all are entitled for the reconsideration of a visa – and was denied three times. My two-year travel ban was mysteriously reduced to one year, however, after a member of Parliament, John Hemming, wrote a letter of support. A representative from the UK’s National Union of Journalists also wrote a letter backing me, noting that I was the first journalist to be banned from England in years.

Until two weeks ago, the investigation into my case was active and since my detainment (I eventually learned it was not an arrest) I have written several times to get a copy of my CCTV footage – to which all also are entitled – as proof that I was denied my rights at the border. For months, my requests went ignored, but another appeal made on my behalf by MP Hemming finally received a response from Immigration Minister Damian Green.

He said my CCTV footage had been destroyed.

Several days ago, another letter arrived at the MP’s office from a high-ranking official. It said my CCTV footage had not been destroyed. Who knows which is true?

While my treatment pales in comparison to the treatment of many of the islanders — particularly the abuse survivors — who have dared speak out against some of the nastier acts of tyranny in Jersey since the Haut de la Garenne scandal, I am beginning to understand their immense bravery. As an American, it is not terribly difficult to challenge authority from an ocean away. But for those who live on the tiny island of Jersey and have done so all their lives it is an act of supreme heroism to risk persecution when they have nowhere else they can call home.

(For those of you who may be reading this with information about Haut de la Garenne, please email me through this site. All correspondences will receive personal responses and be held in the utmost confidence. For anyone looking for a deep drill into Jersey’s ongoing political imbroglios, two outstanding citizen bloggers have been working slavishly for years to lift the curtain: Neil McMurray at Voice for Children and Rico Sorda. On an island where the established media serve as the de facto mouthpiece of those in power, these self-taught journalists, who work for free under grave pressure in thankless conditions, are the only independent press around.)

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  1. I posted this on my blog this morning in response to an article in today’s Guardian “Jersey’s ‘secrecy culture’ led to my suspension, says former police chief”.

    The Jersey “Establishment” are a very secret society and are more powerful and influential than can be imagined. The scandal of Haut de la Garenne and the wider “Historic Child Abuse” investigation are only the tip of a very large iceberg. Planning decisions, building activities, states housing, changes of use, criminal investigations and much more, have never resulted in anything more than a letter to the editor in the Jersey Evening Post. As someone who lives on the mainland but frequently travels to the Island to visit friends, it never ceases to amaze me that these activities are rarely if ever discussed, but strangely seem to be widely known. It is as if a collective fear of reprisal grips the ordinary Jersey person. When someone actually takes on the establishment, and exposes the excesses of their activities, they are immediately subjected to criticism, ridicule, spurious allegations and even criminal prosecution, as in the case of Stuart Syvret. Stuart was elected to the States in 1990 as Deputy for a three year term and then in 1993 as Senator. His activities in exposing wrong doings in Jersey and then his expulsion from the States in 2010, are well documented and demonstrate the odious nature of the Jersey hierarchy and its powers. Even senior police officers have great difficulty carrying out their investigations in this secretive Island as Graham Power and Lenny Harper have found to their cost. No doubt as time moves on, more light may be shed onto the dealings taking place on this beautiful 45 square miles of Island sitting just 12 miles off the coast of France, but this may take some time. The Island is spoilt only by the rustle of money slushing around the corridors and back rooms and the sound of slamming doors as the “establishment” closes ranks.

  2. I am one of the Staffordshire child abuse victims, the Pindown home abuse, there was a big police investigation in the 1990s and a government report done about it. They were locking us kids up in cells, and some of the kids were beaten with slippers and some of them were pimped. I wasn’t pimped but a girl when they locked me in a cell for hitting the man who hit me back (he pulled the covers off me while I was in bed and hit me for crying because I wanted to go home so I hit him back so they put me in the cell). I found a girl’s suicide letter that she had hid behind the radiator in the cell, and it was the only thing I had to do, reading that, there weren’t any books or anything, and the girl said in the letter that her father had had sex with her and that they were having sex with her in the home and she wanted to escape but there was only one way to escape. I was in the home because I had tried to run away from being abused by my brother, but my parents weren’t abusing me. They didn’t know how to deal with what happened. My mum knew but she blamed me for being a temptation to my brother. I was very pretty.

    The Staffordshire Pindown investigation has been covered up. I have been trying to tell people what happened for 40 years, but first people pretty much didn’t really want to know, and I felt dirty and blamed myself for it, and when I tried to tell people they weren’t interested. But when Stuart Syvret blew the whistle on HDLG I got in touch with Jersey police and they were kind to me and tried to make Stafford police investigate the abuse, but Stafford police don’t want to know, they have conspired to cover it up, and they have twice warned me to stop blogging, I had a death threat on my blog to pour petrol in my letterbox and set fire to it but when I told Stafford police they sent a WPC round and she bullied me and told me threatening to do that didn’t constitute a death threat and she made me talk to the Crisis Team mental health services, and she told me I had already been warned by the police to stop blogging. I want to stop blogging. I hate blogging but I can’t let them get away with it, I just cant. The police only want me to stop blogging because they are guilty of covering up institutional abuse, they don’t care about me at all.

    A lot of perverts who were caught up in the Operation Ore investigation pretended to help the lady who set up the Mothers for Justice (MFJ) website but they trashed the site. They called me bad names and attacked me because I found out that the secret family courts were using syndromes that had been invented by paedophiles and they wanted me to shut up.

    1. You are a very courageous woman and because of your courage I have heard the truth behind the many lies.
      Stay strong for the others that come behind you. Together your voice is being heard by many. We all need to come together at this time, we need to decide what kind of world we want to live in.

  3. Leah.

    It would be interesting to discover who was the head of the UK Border Agency at the time of your imprisonment. If it was, as it is now, Brian Moore then my latest posting would be even more poignant

    1. Leah.

      Here is a comment that was left on my latest posting and does beg the question of what, if any, involvement did Brian Moore have with your case as surely he is conflicted.

      Comment from my Blog.

      “Other Exile said…
      On a possible connection between Brian Moore and the treatment of Leah McGrath Goodman: it is the same Brian Moore. He took a secondment as the acting Head of the UK Border Agency in February 2012, leaving his job as Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police.

      On the other hand,the initial incident occurred on the watch of Brodie Clark, if I have the timeline right. It is possible I suppose that he has been involved in the refusals to review the original decision. If so, there is a clear conflict of interest here, given his involvement in the ‘investigation’ of Graham Power.”

  4. Nothing you have said here or anything that has happened to you holds any surprise for me. Sorry to say it but I have lived in Jersey over 40 years, married to a local Jerseyman so they cannot actually throw me out, plus of course I was born in the UK.
    I am one of those labelled as a Jersey vile blogger for telling the truth and like many living in the island I know of things that would make your toes curl in horror/truly cringe worthy happenings that nothing has ever been done about.
    I also have friends who are among those abused. Know many people who have suffered at the hands of every day corruption here, known as the Jersey way.
    Go against the Jersey way and you will find yourself never being able to go forward with your life peacefully in the island, never having planning permission on any land you own, never getting any local media coverage for your books if you happen to be an author, which I am, even the book I wrote’Zoom into Profit’ at the request of our local Social Security careers department has not been given one line by any of our media, go figure.
    I have always fought against corruption, but exposing or trying to expose corruption in this island is deeply frowned upon and everyone who has lived here knows that fighting it here is like stabbing yourself in the foot, do so and you will be black listed for all time, silently but in every which way.
    My or should I say my families downfall happened many years ago when my husband took a states member to court and won the case and in reality we would have been better off financially at least if we had left the island after that, but heck I have balls and do not take kindly to the Jersey way.
    So we stayed and I have been trying to fight the corruption here ever since, banging me head against a brick wall, have stood for election a couple of times to try and help the honest and good people in the island, and actually did get a good number of votes last time.
    People like me have two options, one leave the island, and two stay fight for what is right and get battered for doing so.
    Anyway, I wish you luck for the future and hope that you will not give up on fighting for what is right.

    1. Perhaps they killed Jill Dando as she tried to expose paedophilia in the BBC.
      Freemasons=KKK=Bilderberg…=Murdoch, Blair, Cameron…Savile, and many many more. They sold their souls…

      The Freemasons chant in latin.

      Nice Masonic handshake b/w Frank Bruno and Price Charles here with Jimmy Saville in the background.

      Nice cover-up of a Bishop by the police.

      This is how u advance your career in the police force: freemason

      And how Jimmy avoided it: friends in the policeforce

  5. Leah,

    Remember the motto of the Copley News Service: Writing well is the best revenge.


  6. Hi Leah

    No doubt you are entitled to a clear explanation as to why the UK Border Agency decided to ban you from the UK, but I do wonder what may have happened to a UK citizen “misleading” the US Border Agency in a similar way?

    Laws about working permits and visas are there for a reason.

    You clearly were intending to stay longer, and repeated 6 months visits with short spell in between are bound to breach the raise suspicion. You knew you were sailing close to the wind, and you got the result you deserved – and of course a story to write.

    1. Thanks for the note. All I can tell you is what I know: the UK was fine with my making periodic research trips as a visiting journalist until the time I disclosed the focus of my research. That marked the end of my being welcome in the UK. My trips were always a week or less, with only one lasting about a month. From what I can tell, that’s hardly pushing the 6-month limit.

    2. Lenny:

      1. She was not misleading anyone, she told the Jersey why she was there and how long she would be there and how often. They told her that would be fine under the Visa she had. Only after the type of reporting she was doing was revealed did they claim to have a problem. This essentially proves that Jersey banned her for reasons other than Visa issues.

      2. What would happen to a UK citizen in the US is irrelevant, first because wrong is wrong regardless of nationality or country. Second because she wasn’t attempting to re-enter Jersey or work in Jersey, she was simply passing through London for a short while on her way to Salzburg, which does not represent a Visa violation. Thirdly she wasn’t intending to stay for longer, the nature of her work is to go back and forth all over the world writing and talking and teaching. That’s what journalists have done for decades.

      Regardless, foreigners are typically allowed to report on controversial topics in the US without being harassed or accused of violating work permits. On the other hand there is the case of journalist Hollman Morris who was denied a visa for a while, before pressure from human rights groups and others forced the US State Department to let him study at Harvard. In other words, the US also denies entry to journalists sometimes, but it is generally considered a ‘bad thing’ by the international community.

      3. The reason work permits exist is to keep the unemployment rate down and protect local industries. It is rather difficult to figure out what type of ‘competition’ McGrath-Goodman was offering to the locals – are there a lot of book authors in Jersey who are trying to uncover child sex abuse scandals? Are you going to argue that there should be a limit on the number of book authors working on child-sex-abuse investigations allowed into a country at the same time for fear they might write too many books simultaneously and hurt each other’s profits?

      4. Your presumption about her state of mind is a bit hard to understand. What exactly did she do that was ‘risky’? She tried to keep things “running downwind” by meeting with Jersey officials. She states that she was in and out of the UK doing various projects, which is typical of journalist’s lifestyle. The officials suddenly turned on her when she revealed she was working on the pedophile cases. It was only one month later that she was passing through London when she got arrested and banned. Think about it. What was she supposed to do in that month? Cancel her plane trip through Heathrow because a Jersey official told her she couldn’t write there? Magically get a long term Visa in one month before re-entering the UK at all? At Are you saying that she deserved to be arrested because she might have committed a Visa crime some time in the future? That is not the legal tradition from the peoples that gave us the Magna Carta.

      1. Hi Leah,

        Might I suggest not using the wikipedia link to the Jersey scandal?
        It reads just as whitewashed as the folks who are trying to sell the official cover-up would want it to be.

        Just a thought.

  7. Dear B.G.oC.M.K. ( need to fine tune the alliteration ).

    You are clearly so much more than a Financial and Commodities Market Journalist only. ( As impressive as that is already ).
    This is an extraordinary subject area. It seems that with so many of the high profile cases eventually there are often links to the very highest levels.
    Also, a major stumbling block for victims/survivors is them being ignored, dismissed or just plain not taken seriously, when they do finally steel themselves to speak out.
    May your ongoing work bring change and light to bear on this!

  8. Good morning Leah, I have just placed your article on twitter.

    Also, if you can, contact Criminal Profiler Pat Brown she has done a lot of research on McCann…they have also tried to silence her so you have something in common before you start. Pat is on a water only diet so she might be a bit grumpy 🙂

    The Waterhouse paedophile cover-up, again protecting the elite in British society. I will keep in touch, as I said expose one of these cases you bring them both down. Every child deserves justice.

  9. Could I just make it clear that the “Lenny” who has made the rather insulting comment above is not myself, even though he or she may have hoped to give that impression. Lenny Harper, Former Senior Investigating Officer of the Jersey Abuse Investigation.

    1. Hi Lenny

      You’re a real hero, never forget that.

      I am positive that the great work you did, along with all your hardworking colleagues will be built upon by Leah and her peers as the domino effect starts to topple the ‘elitist’ fraternity, one by one.

      Evil will never survive, as long as the rest of us stand up to it.

      Best wishes,


  10. As an ex pat ( fortunately living far far away ) from my kin and country, SO, we all here know rothschild Inc evilfuckers are babyfuckers, and that’s a compliment

    But to this….all I can say is WOW…were are the guillotines?

  11. Leah

    Sadly, most people are unaware of the true wielders of power who control the financial, social and judicial processes, hidden from the public view.

    Outwardly, our political system appears to be democratic but what we usually only ever see is the purposely designed comforting and friendly public smiling face of something which is all embracingly corrupt and criminal.

    A good example of this was the buffoon George W Bush, a frontman for an organisation which saw war and carnage as a worthwhile profit making endeavour.

    The system creates a false sense of democracy by allowing the citizens to change politicians, political parties and will even allow marches, demonstrations and publications where the citizens can give out but won’t threaten the system itself.

    Things change when the real power base is threatened and the smiling face of democracy is replaced by a fist which is only too willing to crush and destroy all those who dare to threaten it.

    We have seen this is the example of the Occupy Wall Street where complaining about being swindled is seen by the police force, and their masters, as being something to be crushed with excessive force and malice.

    The frightening situation you found yourself in is yet another example of how these forces who control our pathetic form of democracy can at will, bypass the normal safeguards which we foolishly think we are protected by.

    This fist is rarely seen is public, for the most part, and so the citizens live in their democratic Matrix where they still hold on to the mis-proven hope that changing a politician is all that is required to ‘sort the problems out’.

    Those wishing to reveal the truth which threatens those who hold the reins of power and authority, and those who wish to change the system itself to bring democracy to Nations in the ‘West’ through some sort of regime change, will find that the democratic smile is very thin indeed.

    I, for one, am out of the Matrix. You are out of the Matrix. There are others also, but how can we persuade ordinary citizens that there is even a matrix which exists in the first place? They go on dreaming in their pretend democracy.

    Sadly, what happened to you isn’t surprising at all. They decide our level of freedom. Our only two choices are to either stand up as proud defiant citizens or cower as peasants.

    Keep up the good work, citizen!!

    Lou Gogan

  12. Dear Leah, you must arrive in Paris in the future and travel by train to the UK (visit Max and Stacy). The internal border in the EU is kind (while recognising that the UK in non-Shengen). Never, ever go into a room first. Never, ever let a person in a uniform get between you and the exit. Never, ever fail to take your liberty seriously. However reluctantly you must defend yourself in anticipation of assault. Nobody in a uniform is your friend. LIFO. Last In, and First Out, of the jail. When necessary, limit yourself to reasonable force. Never again.

  13. Hello there,
    Have you read the Wiltshire report on Operation Rectangle and Graham Power and Lenny Harper.

  14. Leah,
    Are you in contact with more of the international organizations for journalists, so that your story of the UK detention and banning can be made globally known to your colleagues? What happened to you at Heathrow should be of serious concern to all journalists who travel to and from EU countries. It is the type of story they generally write about those brutal countries the UK admonishes for detaining journalists and for suppressing free speech and other human rights.

  15. Leah please do not close of your comments section on this thread, more links of interest to come. It has to do with missing people charities that are clearly fraudulent, they may be connected to paedophillia and child abuse.

  16. To Leah, or anyone else interested in knowing more about this very sad element of our species activities could also watch the documentary conspiracy of silence and read the book focusing on the same crimes committed against children by powerful men in industry media and politics during the 1980’s: The franklin scandal
    Good Luck Leah. You have truth and love on your side, they merely have arrogance and complacency…..

  17. Leah,

    Good to see this story coming out in the open. Sorry about your ordeal but it’s only by such hamfisted over-reactions that villains give the game away.

    I came here via a particularly fine blog,, that covers stories such as this on a daily basis.

    Sadly, Jersey is but the tip of an iceberg. The reason the uncovering of the Haut de la Garenne scandal could bring down the British government is because it’s tied into every other scandal. People here have mentioned Madeleine McCann, and quite rightly, that’s just the beginning. The number of names that would get roped into such a necessarily far-reaching investigation would be staggering – Prime Ministers, Ministers (for Children no less!), senior civil servants and police, nationally famous entertainers, good God, the list is endless. An entire edifice of filth. And nor would it stop at the UK.

    Given the scale of the conspiracy and corruption, one’s forced to conclude that we’re ruled by people who are either paedophiles, satanists, or both. I say that in all seriousness. There IS a structure and that structure will have a name.

    Have you read Dave McGowan’s pedophocracy? Really you must, it will give you the other half of the equation from your side of the Atlantic. It can be found here – It’s not so long, a mere six chapters. Don’t miss the last chapter, ‘Finders Keepers’, it’s a mind-bender which makes it unarguably clear that the CIA, much like the British MI5, are up to their armpits in the paedophilic human trafficking of children.

    I understand that what we’re talking about here is the abyss. But do not fear it, if anything the fear is all theirs.

    Otherwise, may I again recommend Aangirfan? The individual running it is tireless, dedicated, and an honest broker, the real deal. And all unrecompensed. In a world that wasn’t bullshit they’d be declared a national treasure.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, and best regards,


    1. N(obody): Thank you for the kind words, the reading material and your blog recommendation. I will look at all of it. There is no end to the research…

      1. “you cannot cross as abyss in two steps”—but at least you have the extraordinary courage to begin the first step. Your last book and this book in the works will connect the clear threads of absolute power and pedophilia. Thank you.

  18. My child was illegally removed from Britain, traded like a commodity to pay for UK judicial mistakes. Then came a massive cover-up. Why? Because my case is linked to famous child abduction cases, including the McCanns. After years of injustice, I started to write a book about the whole affair. A few months later, the UK government underhandedly changed the law which forced anonymity on my family. As a consequence, awareness of my book has been a nightmare, as intended.

    The UK authorities do not want this story to come out either. Having read some of the comments on this site, it does look as if there is a massive cover-up in the UK. I’ve only just found out about Leah McGrath Goodman’s ban and that led me here. When I read the McCann’s are linked in here, I couldn’t believe it.

    All these stories together are far greater than the sum of their parts. I need someone to raise awareness of my case ( and all of these cases together.

    Please believe me when I say it is madness here in the UK. The authorities are out of control. The best weapon is the truth. It needs to get out!

  19. Ok so scan the big stamp in your passport for people to see. Not saying you do not have it but if you don’t it looks like no evidence if you say there is no CCTV footage. You will never open the Jersey can of worms – the Devil looks after his own. Tot Ziens.

    1. Mr. Van Den Meurwe — No one is contesting that I was banned from England. But perhaps I’ll post the black stamp of death on my passport if you and others really want to see it. If in doubt, just check out the UK Parliament’s Early Day Motion acknowledging my detention and ban and protesting it.

  20. Jimmy didn’t have the power to implement Haut de la Garenne but only to attend. There’s someone who had money AND power and was probably not really well known. Jimmy’s life is well documented. There’s got to be a smoking gun. Who did Jimmy socialize and attend events with/on behalf? Who did Jimmy spend time with on vacation? Who did Jimmy play with?

  21. Anarchy is society without government or law. This is a good example of The Sex Pistols’ anti-establishment attitude. The punk scene was picking up, and a lot of young people were fed up with the British royalty that ran the country.

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