We love insult; it’s always honest.

“They banned her [from the United Kingdom] because she’s a crazy bitch.”


“Ms. Goodman’s writing is so shot full of economic madness that it may be that SHE escaped from The Asylum.”

Christopher Bieda

“The author does not impress me as understanding the concept of time, speed and distance or income, rate and value. The writing assumes the outcome as the basis for the argument.”

Rick Wood

“Ms. McGrath…my apologies for saying this, you don’t have a clue that you are clueless.  If you have the guts to debate me in the press, send me your email address and let’s have it out.”

“Guest” who did not leave his details (Mr. Guest, if you have the guts to leave your name, please do so.)


Old haters of 2011…

“Congratulations on being ranked 33,471 on Barnes and Noble’s Best Seller list!”

– Richard Schaeffer, chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange

“Am I gonna’ have to wring your neck out like a chicken?”

– Nymex Oil Trader

“Full of ‘interesting’ interpretations that are shallow and conspiratorial to say the least. Ms. McGrath Goodman demonizes the leverage that traders and hedgers use with no consideration to the negative impact on liquidity and the price discovery process her suggestions would bring. Perhaps in writing the ‘Asylum’ [sic] she has lost the big picture of the markets as she got caught up in the sausage factory stories in her book.”

– John Lothian Newsletter 


– Loyd E. Eskildson

“This book was so poorly researched and written, I only finished it out of curiosity. Ms Goodman should be ashamed to call herself a journalist.”

– Joco

“Seems that the author really wanted to be apart [sic] of the world she is condemning in the book. Accounts of activities are severely misconstrued or outright false. The sources the author uses seem to be just as bitter and jealous as the author.”


“The repeated assertion that the Nymex traders influence oil prices more than oil-producing nations or national governments suggests that Goodman is inflating the importance of her subject.”


“Prices will only fall once more people start to sell. Raising margin [sic] won’t make people more likely to sell, and fewer longs will just mean the price is rising on fewer trades.”


“Like all hot women, Ms. Goodman overcompensates for her good looks by being full of s—.”

Phuque Off